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  1. A common leaking trouble maker
  2. Another common leaking trouble maker - especially for leaking out of the door area
  3. Some common pump assembly pictures
  4. Can I use a rubber or plastic hose for the hot water on my built in dishwasher?
  5. Dishwasher Basics
  6. Draining and washing help
  7. How to remove some common access panels
  8. Help for storing an appliance
  9. I moved and lost the tap adaptor for my portable d/w, help!!
  10. I just installed my food waste disposal, now my dishwasher will not drain, what could be wrong?
  11. I would like to try to install my own dishwasher
  12. Important Disclaimer
  13. Loading your dishwasher help
  14. My dishwasher will not fill with water
  15. My dishwasher will not start
  16. My dishes are not as clean as they used to be what might be wrong?
  17. My soap dispenser will not open
  18. Motor and pump assembly screw and impellor help
  19. Maytag d/w belt replacement
  20. My dishwasher racks have rusted
  21. Maytag plastic liner dishwasher common door leak trouble maker
  22. Repair Aid for a newer style electronic Maytag dishwashers
  23. Removing and replacing the 99002103 seal kit on a Maytag d/w pump assembly
  24. Sand like deposits inside the glasses and d/w
  25. Some common soap door dispensers breakdowns
  26. Strange grinding noises and not washing properly
  27. Strange noise during the drain out mode
  28. Stainless Steel Cleaning
  29. Take apart helps version 1
  30. The dishwasher doors falls down
  31. What does the sidewinder motor look like?
  32. White filming on the glasses

Some older Maytag dishwashers have a drive belt that can break, slip, or make a terrible noise when it is ready to let go. This belt can stretch as well and then it may "fly" off, especially in the drain mode. The motor and pump pulleys are off-set so that not only does the belt go around and around it turns using the whole surface of the belt, that is why they use a belt dressing on the belt. The dressing lubricates the belt so it can roll between the pulleys. You will need to remove the access panels to get at the belt area.

A belt replacement tip from Fyxxer....

One easy way I have found to replace the belt on an older Maytag D/W. Put the new belt over the pump pulley and above it, around the pump housing. Then put the belt around the motor pulley, now you have the belt around the pump, carefully roll it down around the pump pulley. I've found this makes it much easier, taught to me by an old Maytag man who watched me fight it for 10 minutes years ago before saying "Son, here's the easy way"

Maytag dishwasher leak - On the plastic liner Maytag dishwashers a common problem area has been the small gasket on the soap door latch. This gasket wears out and leaks water between the inner and outer panels and onto the floor. A grommet and latch kit can be purchased to correct this type of leak.

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