Where is my Model Number?

See below for, where could your model # be? - helps and hints...

**Series 70, 80, 90, Profile, Gallery, Neptune, XL44, Gold, Elite, HE3, HE3T, Duet are cute appliance sales names, but these are not model#'s!!**

The different manufactures have put the model and serial plates in many different places, some common area's to find that model tag are listed below.

If you are trying to order parts, remember to copy down the model and serial # - some manufactures have used extra information on their model and serial tags that may be required to get the correct part or information on your appliance.

Some have had series #'s.....e.g. - series 03

Some have had B/M #'s.....e.g. - B/M# AH59A

Some have had P #'s or a manufacture #'s

Some Kenmore model#'s may have a space in them...example:

110 34567890 or 363 98765432 These are often written like 110.34567890 or 363.98765432 or 106.123456789

model number example

If your appliance has the energy guide sticker or card still attached, do not go by the model # listed on this sticker. It is always a shortened version of the real model #. The energy guide can be a round sticker or a rectangular card. Sales receipts, Use & Care manuals also usually do not have the full model# on them. It is not a bad idea to write down all your model #'s once you find them and store them along with the receipts and manuals in a fireproof safe not just thrown in a basket or thrown on an entertainment centers shelf.

See below for the model # Repair Aid sections....


  1. Dishwasher model # Aid
  2. Disposer-Compactor-Range hood model # Aid
  3. Frigidaire ( some GE and Kenmore ) Front Load model# Aid
  4. Maytag Neptune Front load model# Aid
  5. Microwave model # Aid
  6. Range ( gas & elec. ) and built in ovens model # Aid
  7. Refrigerator model # Aid
  8. Washer and dryer model # Aid

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Model Number Area 1   Model Number Area 2   Model Number Area 3

Kenmore Model # help...who make what Kenmore appliance?....

Own a Kenmore? Department stores brands can be a pain as it is difficult to figure out which manufacture has made your product. This link here should help to find out which manufacture has made your Kenmore Appliance.

NEWWe have some new model# helps in each of the parts sections linked here....I hope they help you out!

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