Oven Temperature Calibration

A very common Electronic control with scroll arrows or a turn dial for setting the oven temperature:

clock 2

To adjust calibration:

  1. Press BAKE pad
  2. Select any temperature above 500 degrees F
  3. QUICKLY press and hold the BAKE pad approximately 5 seconds until "00" or the previously entered temperature is displayed
  4. Tap the arrow up or down pad to change the oven temperature +35 or -35 degrees in 5 degree steps.*

* Some clocks have a turn dial instead of arrow pads

A common GE clock/control

clock 3

How to adjust the temp on this control

  1. Ensure the selector switch is turned off
  2. Hold the up and down arrows at the same time for 5 seconds until flashing "00" is displayed
  3. Press up arrow to increase temperature in the oven
  4. Press down arrow to decrease temperature in the oven
  5. Once the temperature is changed, once neither up or down pad has been pressed for 5 seconds the clock will save the new temperature and go back to the time of the day.

A common GE clock/control

clock 1

  1. Press: Bake and Broil at the same time for two seconds until the display shows "SF"
  2. Press: Bake once to increase temperature
  3. Press: Bake again to decrease temperature
  4. Adjust: Temperature with: Number pads
  5. Press: Start

The oven temperature can be adjusted up or down 35 degrees F / 20 degrees C. Use this feature if you think your oven is too hot or too cold. This adjustment will stay in memory.

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