How To Take Apart A Maytag Dryer

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Basic electrical tests and information- How to use a ohm meter. How to use a volt meter.

Maytag Dryer Motor #W10410999

Motor commonly used on Maytag brand gas and electric clothes dryers #W10410999

Maytag dryers: - How to take apart - disconnect power first

Reading about the dryer basics and how to make electrical checks with a volt-ohm meter may be a good idea before starting specific repairs on any dryer.

We will start this page with disassembly of the dryer. Remove the two screws on the bottom lip of the front of the dryer. Pull out on the bottom of the front and the front will disengage from clips on the top of the dryer holding the front in place. Remove the wires from the door switch and set the front aside. From this point, you will be able to check the pictured parts.

The parts you can check from here are the heater, operating thermostats, thermal fuses, door switch, and the high limit thermostat. This is a good bit of the repairs done on this dryer. Now we will remove the shroud and continue disassembly. The shroud is removed by taking the four screws holding it to the cabinet loose. Set the shroud aside and you can now remove the cover for the blower housing and replace the blower. Remove the screws holding the blower housing cover, and it will be quite evident how to replace the blower wheel. The fan blower has small keeper clips on the motor shaft that must be removed before the blower wheel can be replaced. Next step is disassemble the belt from the idler pulley and remove the drum from the dryer. Early models of this dryer had an access panel on the back where you could take the belt loose from the idler pulley or reinstall the belt. On later models, this must be done from in the dryer. I am going to show a picture from the rear of the dryer showing the belt thread on all Maytag dryers of this type. This is how the belt is threaded on both styles. This next picture shows the thread as you will see it inside the dryer on the solid back dryers. You have to pull the drum forward and thread the belt around the idler pulley, then place the drum back on the rear rollers to reinstall. I removed the drum so you can see the belt clearly. Notice that the flat side of the belt goes to the drum and the grooved rides the motor pulley. By seeing both pictures, you should get a good idea of how the belt goes. I find it easier to work in this area with the top of the dryer up. A couple screws will get the top up. With the drum removed, the rear rollers and rear seal can be repaired. You can also repair the drum glides and front seal from this area. You can access the timer area a few different ways depending on your model and the age of the dryer...this is one way (older style - remove two screws and lift up on the console back cover)....and this is another way (newer style - remove two inner screws and pull the console front top forward, it will hinge and stay there).

Maytag Dryer - L shaped door - how to take apart:disconnect power first

Reading about the dryer basics and how to make electrical checks with a volt-ohm meter may be a good idea before starting specific repairs on any dryer.

In the first picture you will see that there is 4 screws that must be removed, 1 from each door hinge and the 2 across from the door on the other side. The door must be lifted up a little to remove the door and hinges. Set the door aside. Front colored panel is shaped like a football goal post, grab hold of the thinner upper part and give a little twist on the outside part to unclip the top section, pull the panel towards you and lift off of the bottom clips. Set the front aside. Next is to remove the 2 screws and top clips, this will allow you to lift the top up a little. The next picture shows where the screws are to remove the bulk head, the top must be lifted a little to get the bulk head off, don't forget the door switch wires. After you have the bulk head off, the belt must be disconnected from the idler pulley and motor pulley so the drum can be removed. The top must be lifted a little to remove the drum, once the drum is removed you can get at anything you need inside the dryer cabinet. This picture ( I must learn how to focus the camera ) shows a thermal fuse, the operating thermostat, and in this instance a gas burner.

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