Frigidaire Older 2 Pump Dishwasher

  1. Noise and washing problem Repair Aid with this newest Frigidaire dishwasher pump assembly.
  2. Some service notes on the newer style Frigidaire dishwashers
  3. Timer sticks in some spots

Timer Stalls

This unit starts and runs normally until it gets about half way through the wash cycle and than the timer stops advancing and it will continue to wash until you manually turn the timer. When it gets to that point, a switch will open on the timer, and it will not advance until the thermostat closes. But, you could have a bad gear in the timer, the thermostat might not be closing when it gets to temperature, or it may not be getting to temperature if the the heater is not coming on or the timer contacts for it are not closing.

Reference model# - FDB125RHB3 but 154290204 200*F(93*C) is a Hi-Limit and should be closed ( #29 in this example picture ). If this opens up the timer can stop in the "heat up the water" modes.

One pump is for washing and the other pump is for draining.

drain pump

This is the drain pump.

Service sheets...

The lower featured dishwasher lower spray arm just lifts out...the higher featured dishwasher lower spray arm must be twisted to unlock it to remove the lower spray arm.

Frigidaire Pump replacement

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Frigidaire dishwasher cont.....

Frigidaire Pump replacement 2

This is a picture of the pump with the water direction ball in place...

pump with water direction ball

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