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Appliance Tip of the Week...

Dryer Noises:


White/Westinghouse - Frigidaire style dryer Noise problems:

The most common area's for noise problems are the idler pulley, rear bearing and if you hear a scraping noise from the front of this dryer, take a look at the glides that the front rides on. This pictures shows the glides. Always use approved high temperature adhesive to replace the felt and glides. If you hear a scraping noise from the rear of this dryer, inspect the ball and socket on the rear of the drum. This area is especially susceptible to failure. See here for some how to take apart information.

Magic Chef, Crosley, Norge, Admiral. Maytag Performa Dryers:

Blowers become stripped out and loose from the motor shaft. This is a source of a rubbing noise in these dryers.

Inglis, Whirlpool and Kenmore style dryer noise problems:

Most noise complaints from this style dryer comes from the idler pulley and two drum support wheels. The idler pulley just clips into the bottom of the dryer and keeps tension on the drum belt. The drum rollers have clips that must be removed from the shafts before trying to replace them. If one wheel is worn out, replace them all = less problems later on.

GE style dryer noise:

Listen to the noise carefully, a slow or fast noise can help point you in the direction to look for the trouble maker.

Slow squeaking or scraping noises are often from the front glides ( there are 2 of them to change ) or rear bearing area, the rear bearing sleeve is inside the middle of the heater housing and the shaft part is attached to the back of the drum. This is a typical rear bearing kit for the older style GE dryer. This is a typical front glide kit for the older style GE dryer. For faster sounding squeaking or scraping noises, poss problems would be in the idler pulley, motor, blower wheel or belt area. This is old style rear bearing sleeve. This is the new style bearing sleeve. This is the new style front glides, there are 3 or 4 of them. This is the support/bearing for the new style front glides.

Maytag Dependable Care style dryer noise:

A common noise with Maytag dependable care dryers is a rumbling noise that often still rumbles for a few seconds even after the dryer shuts off. This usually a broken fan blower, the inside part of the fan blower has rounded out and the fan blower is free wheeling on the motor shaft = new fan blower time. These pliers help make the repair a little easier...Snap Ring pliers.. From Tools Accessories section... How to take the dryer apart. Part is # 303836 for the Dependable care models. Maytag fan blower order link.

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