Washing Machine Repair Help

  1. Calypso washer
  2. FAQ's for washers
  3. Frigidaire, Westinghouse top load washers
  4. Frigidaire front load washers... ( some GE and Kenmore are made by Frigidaire )
  5. GE newer style top load washers - after approx 1995
  6. GE older style top load washers - pre approx 1995
  7. GE ( Little Swan ) front load washer
  8. General Washer Information - how does my agitator come off, filling problems and much more...a great place to start!
  9. How Washers Work
  10. Maytag Dependable care top load washers
  11. Maytag's SE1000 electronic stackable diagnostic chart
  12. Maytag's Neptune front load washer
  13. Maytag's Atlantis "how to take apart" Which is very close to the Performa & Magic Chef
  14. Maytag Performa & Atlantis plastic tub washers....Norge, Magic Chef, American Admiral washers
  15. Noise tip for washers and dryers
  16. Speed Queen and Amana washers
  17. * Whirlpool, Inglis, Kenmore Direct Drive washers
  18. * Whirlpool, Inglis, Kenmore Belt drive washers
  19. Whirlpool, Duet front loading washing machine ( some of the Kenmore's as well )
  20. Own a Kenmore? Department store brands can be a pain as it is difficult to figure out which manufacturer has made your product. Find out which manufacturer has made your Kenmore Appliance.
  21. How old is my appliance help for some of today's major manufacturers
  22. Cleaning and laundry tips
  23. Repair manuals can be ordered here: Appliance Repair manuals
  24. Washer timer knobs and how they come off
  25. Washing machine dancing across the floor? - Here's some tips on how to keep it in its place
  26. Commonly replaced parts for various brands of washers
  27. Basic electrical tests and information: How to use a ohm meter, How to use a volt meter
  28. Commonly replaced parts for various brands of front load washers

* Having trouble knowing which Whirlpool, Inglis or Kenmore washer you have, please pull out your washer a little and look at the back panel to see which style of washer you have...then see picture below, the picture will help you find out if you have a belt drive or a direct drive:

direct and belt drive washers

Direct and Belt Drive Washers


Affresh Washer Cleaner removes and prevents odor-causing residue that can occur in all brands of High Efficiency (HE) washers

Motor Coupling 285753A

Direct drive coupling used between the motor and the transmission on direct drive models NEW! Metal sleeves for added strength

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