Oven TRO Relay Replacement

TRO Relay Service Kit #903006-9010*

This relay is very common on many ranges, the oven control sends power ( 220-240volts AC ) to the relay, the relay heats up and switches over sending power to the bake/broil elements. These relays have become NLA ( no longer available ) up here in Canada & looks like they may be as well in the USA. WCI/Frigidaire has a replacement service kit, part # 903006-9010*.

This is what the old relay looked like...

Old TRO Relay

This is what the new replacement relay looks like...

New TRO Relay

Wiring this new relay in to replace the old one is not overly difficult.

  1. Disconnect power
  2. Remove the cover panel
  3. Install new relay on the main back ( don't remove the defective old relay )
  4. Disconnect wire L2 from the TRO relay and marrette it to the orange wire of the new relay.
  5. Disconnect wire H1 from the TRO relay and marrette it to the red wire of the new relay.
  6. Disconnect wire H2 from the TRO relay and marrette it to the black wire of the new relay.
  7. Reinstall the back panel and reconnect power to the range.

Wire diagram for the new relay...

Relay Wire Diagram

* Canadian part #, check your local part depot or one from the links sections.

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