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These pages are dedicated to give you some information before you make an appliance purchase. See...Dishwasher Purchase, Dryer Purchase, Food waste Disposal Aid, Range Purchase, Refrigerator Purchase - includes icemakers, Refrigerator noises, Safety and your old fridge, Washer Purchase, Window air conditioner purchase - includes room sizing help and a link about energy consumption.

  1. A product called FloodStop for washing machines
  2. A Washing machine Floor Tray
  3. A Dishwasher Leak Catcher
  4. Ceran glass cook top cleaning
  5. Can my new dryer be side vented?
  6. Common questions asked, after purchasing a gas range
  7. Common questions asked, after purchasing an electric range
  8. Common door reverse sheet for dryers
  9. Dishwasher Purchase
  10. Dishwasher Purchase - I am trying to install my dishwasher but my counter top is not wood, what can I do?
  11. Dryer Purchase
  12. Electric range purchase
  13. Electrical requirements for major appliances
  14. Food Waste Disposal
  15. Floodstop System 3 for Ice Makers & Humidifiers
  16. Gas range purchase
  17. GFI outlets and you appliances
  18. How to install a common Over The Range Microwave
  19. How long can my dryer vent be run?
  20. Kill-a-Watt Meter - Track total power consumption by hour, day, week, month, or year
  21. Need an Electrician to help with your install?
  22. Refrigerator Purchase - noise and running times information as well
  23. Removing any stickers from inside your new refrigerator
  24. Safety and your old Refrigerator
  25. Some dryer sizes
  26. Some washer sizes
  27. Stainless Steel Cleaning
  28. Washer Purchase
  29. Window air conditioner Purchase

Safety and your old Refrigerator

Remember this when getting rid of your old refrigerator and keep our kids safe!!

Refrigerator Purchase

Always measure the opening where the fridge is going to be placed. Do take these measurements in with you when you shop. Do not measure the old fridge as this does not help the salesperson show you a fridge that will sit in your spot properly and "breath". The fridge needs air space to "breath" properly....some fridge's have the hot condenser coils on the back of the fridge. This is called a static condenser, this style needs at least one inch of space above the fridge to allow the heat to come out. Some fridge's have an air over system, this means the hot condenser coils are under the fridge and a fan is placed under the fridge to remove the heat from the coils. The air over fridge can be built in as tight as you want, but does collect dust faster and needs the hot coils cleaned at least every 6 months.

Measure your doorways, halls and stairways to see if the railings or doors must come off to get the new refrigerator into your home. Often, the fridge doors can come off, to help assist in a tight entrance problem.

Most, but not all top mount ( freezer on top ) fridge's can be reversed from right hand to left hand and visa-versa.....this is a nice feature when you move and need the door swing to go the other direction.

Buying a Refrigerator Checklist

Fridge noises and running times....

Modern fridge's will make "different" noises than your older one. They are not really noisier than older ones, but they do make a different sound. More often than not...people tell me that after a while, the fridge sounds blend into the every day house noises and they no longer hear the fridge running. Older fridge's ran approx. 50% of the time = 50% on....and 50% off. Modern fridge's run longer than older fridge's. This saves on start up hydro for the compressor = hydro savings. Modern fridge's run approx. 70% of the time and this may go up to 90% on the hot, hazy, humid summer days.

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Ice Makers....

Some fridge's have a icemaker and water feature. You can install your own water line or have the stores installers do this for you. If you choose to try this yourself, this -how to install a icemaker water line- should be able to help. There is also many different types of in-line filters available today that can be added to the fridge water line to help remove odors and bad tasting water due to chemicals in the water.

Dishwasher Purchase....

Dishwashers come in 2 styles. Built in & Portable. Portable style comes with sides, top, wheels, power cord and a hose adapter coupler. This type must be rolled to the kitchen sink and hooked up to the kitchen sink tap and plugged into a wall power outlet. The built in style has no sides, top, wheels, power cord or hose adapter coupler. The built in style must be installed inside the cupboards and have hot water ran up to the d/w with copper tubing and a hydro line ran from the fuse box to the d/w power connector box. A drain hose ( about 4-5 feet long ) is supplied with the dishwasher and must be ran to the nearest house drain piping. If a longer drain hose is required, the drain hose can be lengthened by attaching a coupler and a piece of 5/8inch drain hose line.

There are many different models and makes of dishwashers on the market today. All will wash dishes...some just do it better!! For your best washing results purchase a dishwasher with a 3 tier wash system. This normally has a lower spray arm, center lift up tower and a third wash arm over (or under) the top rack. 2 tier wash systems will wash dishes, but not quite as well as a 3 tier wash system does. Next thing to consider is a self cleaning filter system in the dishwasher. This filter will trap food bits and hold them until it is time to drain the water, during the drain cycle the filter releases the food bits and "whoosh" down the drain they go. Most dishwashers have a soft food mulcher to chop up food bits before they enter the drain system. This filter system helps to "clean" up the water as the dishwasher is running. A lot of low priced dishwashers have no self cleaning filter and only a 2 tier wash system.

Most retail stores can help out with the installation of the new dishwasher purchase. If your home has no spot for a dishwasher or you have never owned one, this can be a expensive project to remove cupboards, run hydro line, hot water and drain systems. To remove an old dishwasher and install a new dishwasher usually runs 75-100 dollars for a common install. If you would like to try this yourself, see -how to install a d/w- for some great help.

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Food Waste Disposal....

Many of the units today are made by one company but you will still find them advertised by many different names. You usually have several different units to choose from. Continuous feed units have a wall switch that you use to turn on the disposal on and you can continuously feed the food waste into the disposal. There also is a batch feed unit ( my favorite ) this style of a unit must have the cap in place to operate the unit. The batch feed in my opinion is a safer unit to have if you have children, as the cap must be in place to operate the unit preventing accidents. The continuous feed is open and comes on as soon as the wall switch is turned on. If you need help installing a new food waste disposal, this disposal install help should give you lots of information.

Dryer Purchase....

Dryers today are larger than older ones, use less hydro and need more air flow than older ones. Dryers often come in two different sizes...Extra large or Super sizes. The super size costs more than the extra large size to purchase. Do your self a favor and replace the venting when you buy a new dryer. Use a solid type of venting as it will save in energy consumption over the flexible venting, the dryer will last longer as well. A dryer vent pipe is a 4 inch round pipe. Most dryers can be vented out the back, bottom and at least one side. Some dryers can be vented from either side, left or right, but a side vent kit is required. This kit is an additional cost to the dryer purchase. Most dryer doors can also be reversed to open left hand or right hand.

This is a common way the doors can be reversed.

Electric Dryers....

Can my new dryer be side vented?

One of the biggest changes in dryers today has been the cord plug attached to the new dryers. Do pull out your old dryer to see if the old dryer has a plug or is the power wire going directly into the dryer back. A power box and receptacle may be required when replacing your old dryer. Modern electric dryers can use up to 1/3 less energy than even ones built 10-15 years ago.

Gas Dryers....

Can my new dryer be side vented?

Gas dryers need a 120 volt outlet to operate the motor and timer. This outlet is like any other regular 3 prong outlet in your home. Gas dryers come with no extra pieces to hook up to a gas line, and metal venting must be used with a gas dryer. A natural gas dryer can be converted to a propane gas dryer, but a kit is required at an additional cost above the dryer purchase.

Gas Dryer Piping....

There are many regulation codes that must be followed when you purchase a gas dryer, the dealer should be able to help with installation questions and codes. Just because the house has gas in it or the pipe runs over where you want the gas dryer does not mean that it is easy to install a gas dryer or does it mean you can use the pipe that is right around the gas dryer. Most often an existing pipe is supplying a certain product with gas and you cannot just "tap" into that pipe...almost 100% of the time, it is incapable of supplying both products with gas. A new line must be installed from the main, all the way to the new dryer. This is a added cost to the purchase....common prices to do this is 150-200 dollars, depending on the install. Finished basements, split-level homes, stair ways, can all be a added cost to the install.

Some dryer sizes:

Performa by Maytag - 7.0 cu.ft. Magic Chef - 7.0 cu.ft. Maytag Dependable care - 6.0 cu.ft. GE ( Hotpoint, Moffat, McClary ) - has 2 sizes - 6.0 cu.ft ( extra large ) - 7.0 cu.ft ( super ). Frigidaire - 5.7 cu.ft. Amana - 7.1 cu.ft.

Some dryer kits:

Maytag newest style dryer side/bottom vent kit - part# 12001453. Maytag dryer natural gas to propane conversion kit - part# 306195. GE dryer natural gas to propane conversion kit - part# WE25M35. Frigidaire new dryer side vent kit - part# 131456800. Frigidaire new dryer natural gas to propane conversion kit - part# PCK2003.

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Washer Purchase....

Washers today come in a few different sizes and styles. Styles loader and front loader. Top loaders are more common and cost less to purchase. Front loaders are more expensive to purchase but save on water and energy consumption. Extra Large and Super size are a couple of examples of sizes. Extra large is good for doing laundry for approx. 1-3 people. Super size should be considered when doing laundry for more than 3 people, after all - less loads in a super size washer means less time in the laundry room. Most washers today have self cleaning filters in them, less things for you and I to worry about now !! The "suds saver" feature is almost a thing of the past. The soaps now, only last about 15 minutes in the water. There are a few "water savers" ( new name for suds savers ) models still left for people with cisterns or if you are on a water well and water consumption is a concern. Before shopping for a new washer, measure the distance from your shut off taps ( hot and cold ) to the washer to find out if the standard 4-5 foot hoses supplied with the new washer will be long enough....this also would be good advice for the drain hose as well. Do bring those measurements in with you when you go shopping. Look carefully at the types of laundry loads that you wash, there is no use buying a washer with a delicate cycle of you don't wash any delicates, there is no use paying more for bells and whistles that you may never use them. The same goes the other way...often customers come in and say "I only want one button"...then, when they get there new washer they wonder why they cannot lower the water level when they are only washing a few things. You should have some fabric control, water level control and water temp control on any washer you consider buying.

Some washer sizes....

Maytag Atlantis - 3.2 cu.ft. Maytag Dependable - 2.9 cu.ft. Performa by Maytag - 3.3 cu.ft. Maytag Neptune - 3.3 cu.ft. Magic Chef - 3.3 cu.ft. GE ( Hotpoint, Moffat, McClary ) has 2 sizes, Extra large - 2.7 cu.ft and Super - 3.2 cu.ft. Frigidaire ( front loader ) 3.1 cu.ft. Amana calls both sizes, super capacity - 3.2 cu.ft & 3.3 cu.ft. Frigidaire top load washers, 2.7 cu.ft extra large & 3.0 cu.ft super capacity. Frigidaire front load washers are 3.1 cuft.

Some washer kits: GE new style washer drain hose extension kit - part# WH49X301. Maytag new washer drain hose extension kit - part# 12001585.

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Window air conditioner Purchase....

Always, always, always measure your window and make note of which way it opens...up and down...or side to side. Is there any hydro close to the window that you would like to install a air conditioner?? Over sizing a air conditioner will not make the room colder !! Walls, hall ways and door ways will slow down the cold air from circulating around into other rooms.

What size air conditioner to buy?

Area in
square feet
100 to 150 5,000
150 to 250 6,000
250 to 350 7,000
350 to 400 9,000
400 to 450 10,000
450 to 550 12,000
550 to 700 14,000
700 to 1,000 18,000


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