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Appliance Repair Shop is your resource for appliance repair help and appliance parts. We also have appliance purchase help information if your old appliance is just too far gone for fixing, and a wealth of other appliance information.

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Some FAQ questions and answers...

Electric Range FAQs

Q - What does an oven temp sensor look like?

Q - My range has a fault code flashing in the display, what does it mean?

Q - How can I test what might be wrong when my range flashed F1

Q - My surface element has to be "jiggled" or pushed in to make it work....what may be wrong?

Q - My electric oven is dead, is there anything that I could check?

Q - Except for the lights my entire range is out....what can I check?

Q - My oven temp is there any way of adjusting it?

Q - My surface element will not lower down and stay on high heat only?

Refrigerator FAQs

Q - My refrigerator is running and not cold enough, what are some things that I could check for?

Q - What is the normal temperatures found inside my fresh food section and freezer section for a frost free fridge?

Q - My frost free fridge is leaking water inside under the crispers, what and where could that from?

Q - Can my fridge be moved on it's side?

Q - How long can I store food in my frost free refrigerator freezer and how?

Q - I feel warmth ( sometimes even hot to the touch ) around my refrigerator door openings on the cabinet, why?

Q - How long does it take a refrigerator to get down to the correct temperature?

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