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Whirlpool Wall Oven Malfunctioning in Self Cleaning Mode

Reference Model: WOS92EC0AB01

Problem: Thermal fuse ( WPW10545255 ) and Thermistor ( WP4449751 ) fail during the self cleaning cycle. Both parts may have previously been replaced.

Content Article: You Can Do It - Easy Appliance Repairs


Check that the high speed cooling fan is operating correctly and not blocked with debris. Check the oven temperature sensor and ensure it is in its limits, and run the unit in diagnostic mode to see if any other possible causes are returned.

Whirlpool Wall Oven Keeps Blowing Out Fuses - Update

Reference Model: WOS92EC0AS04

Thermal fuse on Whirlpool wall oven has been replaced but continues to blow out shortly after.

Diagnosis: Factors that could lead to repeated issues with the thermal fuse include:

- Cooling fan running slowly or not at all

- Air vents partially or fully blocked

- Hidden bake element shorted to oven liner

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Some Whirlpool Wall Oven parts for WOS92EC0AB01 model#

Thermal fuse

Thermal fuse

Item Number WPW10545255

Thermostat limit

Thermostat limit

Item Number WP4449751

Cooling fan blower

Cooling fan blower

Item Number WPW10260254

Bake element

Bake element

Item Number WPW10546517

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